A Big Batch of Random Memes With Many Ups and Downs

Life has a lot of ups and downs. As a depressed person in their mid-thirties, I’m definitely feeling that hard. Every time I think there’s something to celebrate, life laughs heartily at my happiness, points rudely, and says “F*cK you!” It’s pretty demoralizing. Just last week I was celebrating a friend’s birthday and gearing up for a relaxing long weekend. The flu had other plans. Instead of diving into a debaucherous whirlwind of fun, I was stuck on the couch through the holiday, wishing for the sweet release of, uh, health. The friend has come and gone, as did Thanksgiving, and I’m left with fuzzy, fever-dream memories of television shows I’m not even sure I watched. Luckily, through these particular “downs,” I was able to scroll my way through the Internet, eating up all the memes and tweets my little, illness-addled brain could decipher. Today, I’m here to share them with you. If you’re in a “down” spot, we hope they cheer you up. And if you’re in an “up” spot, here’s hoping they take you even higher.