A Big Ol’ Bucket of Funny Memes

If enough people have experienced a thing, chances are there’s a meme for it floating around somewhere. Slept through your alarm this morning? There’s about a million memes for that. Finished a video game’s main storyline before promising that one NPC you’d help find his lost chickens? There’s definitely a meme for that. Make a complete fool of yourself in front of your crush? You better believe there’s a meme for that. Clogged the toilet at the local Applebee’s because you were trying to dispose of some incriminating evidence and now the manager is pounding on the door demanding to know why there’s a river of water flowing from your stall? Okay maybe there’s not a meme for that, but it’s certainly not impossible. We’ve got a whole bunch of memes about all sorts of situations for people who like to read a joke and think, “ha ha ha ha that is so true.”