A Bumpy Ride of Random Memes

Just because scrolling through lists of memes for hours is an easy thing to do doesn’t mean that it’s always a smooth and incident-free experience. You might see something jarringly cringey, for example, or have to see somebody share a viewpoint that you think is terrible. For all us younger folk are meant to be delicate snowflakes, internet culture has exposed us to a heck of a lot of content that would suggest otherwise. 

Most of the memes that are here may lean towards the more inoffensive side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be surprised by them, or find something wrong with them, even. That’s the game we play when we choose to have a big old plate of random content slapped in front of us. Variety keeps us on our toes, even if most of us is kind of in standby mode. It’s a good to excuse for our procrastination, anyway.