A Bundle of Memes to Shake a Stick At

I could lie to you and claim that there are a huge amount of memes below this intro, countless memes, too many memes to consume in one sitting before you get square eyes, and so on. However, I’m not in the business of false advertising when it comes to random meme galleries. I’ve never tried to see how many memes you can put into this thing until it breaks, and quite frankly I do not care to. Even a meme dealer has to clock out at some point, you know. Yes, you’ll be getting the regimented allowance of thirty-ish memes that vary in format and theme, their primary purpose to provide you with a smidgen of entertainment. Will they be satisfactory in this task? We don’t know, and it’s probably only you that cares. Anyway, I’ve got places to be now. Have fun with the memes, and for God’s sake try to stay safe.