A Chaotic Cacophony of Memes and Tweets

Congratulations, readers. You’ve officially made it to Sunday, which means you’re probably starting to feel the  phenomenon known as ‘Sunday Scaries.’ You know, that slowly creeping feeling of dread regarding the start of another excruciating workweek. While of course, we appreciate the weekend (which is supposed to be a two-day respite from responsibility), it generally ends up being filled with responsibility – exactly what we’re trying to avoid. This is especially true if you’re over thirty or have children to take care of. That laundry isn’t going to do itself, and it’s definitely not getting done after sitting in front of a screen for ten hours. But we digress.  The fact that we spend so much time doing chores and recovering from the Monday through Friday grind makes it totally understandable that we’d feel this dread. But if you’re anything like us, indulging in a few tasty memes can sometimes keep those scaries at bay, if only for a little while.