A Chaotic Combination of Mixed-Up Memes

The world can be a very cruel and unfriendly place. While it is definitely true that we tend to speak from a place of privilege, going back to normal isn’t feeling that hot. Being forced to commute to prison-like offices has felt nothing short of awful, and while the thought of partying with friends is cool, the reality of dressing up, going to a bar or club, and being surrounded by strangers kind of blows. Especially when they’re still coming down with Covid-19. It is a pretty confusing time. One of the only comforts we can turn to during this complicated time is the world wide web. The internet offers up so many welcome distractions as long as you’re not looking at the news or doomscrolling until you want to die. While we do like drunk or high shopping sprees, our real safety blanket when the going feels tough is memes. Even bad memes have the ability to make us crack a happy little smile. They’re the perfect solution to life’s stupider problems. And we’re here to share some with you.