A Chaotic Compilation of Cringe for Anyone Who Wants to Feel Bad

Have you been feeling a bit too good about yourself lately? Like, maybe you’re not waking up every morning and actively jumping for joy, but you are starting to feel like everything might just be alright, at least for now. You’re starting to appreciate the small things in life, and value both what you have and the great things that you know you have to come.

As we all know, this mindset is blatantly wrong. The world’s on fire and there’s nothing to be happy about; being earnest, positive, and kind to yourself and others is for utter losers. If you need something to bring you down to earth, look no further than this depressing assortment of cringe. Nothing can make us feel bad like realizing that other people are really embarrassing, and what’s worse is that we can be too. Glad to be of service in making you experience the right amount of sad.