A Chaotic Crew of Random Memes

Welcome back to “reality,” Memebase lovers and haters – the latter of whom for some reason continue to comment with their gripes instead of enjoying themselves on other websites. Anyway, we’re back to collecting memes after several days of pure gluttony and holiday comfort/discomfort. I, for one, got some pretty awesome wool socks from Santa, ate about 3 Earl Grey cakes, and gained 7 pounds. Being back home looking at memes, starving and over-caffeinating myself never felt so good. Today we’re serving up a collection of chaotic content that includes a lot of self-deprecation, some tidbits of historical humor, and a whole lot of nerdy references. Whether you’re back in the productivity saddle and looking for a distraction, or simply scrolling your life away from the comfort of your sofa, we hope they do a good job of filling some of your time.