A Clawful of 25 Cat Memes As Good As Belly Scratches

Experienced cat petters know the constant temptation to go for the belly when doling out scratches. It’s just so darn soft, and inviting looking. However, we also know that this is the peak danger zone for getting some scratches of our own. Some kitties will go for that misbehaving hand immediately, and others will lull you into a false sense of security before they pounce. Still, it doesn’t stop us from doing it. 

Looking at memes that use cats is a bit like petting their bellies. We’re tempted to come along for the ride because of all the cuteness, then pow: they hit is with the humor, too. They haven’t been such a reliable and entertaining source of memes for so long just because they’re adorable.

However, this definitely helps. In a world that can seem starved of nice things, cat memes make a welcome change. So go ahead, and cheer yourself up with some feline funny.