A Collection of Cat Memes for Cat Appreciators

Being a cat owner can be a masochistic thing. You have to scoop their poop, clean up their terribly placed vomit, and put up with all your furniture being torn to shreds. In return, they will just maybe let you pet them for a couple of minutes a day. The trade offer is not exactly a great one, when you look at it from the outside. Nonetheless, cat lovers stand firm in insisting that our feline friends add countless amounts of joy to our lives. 

Let’s be honest, there aren’t so many things out there that provide happiness, so it’s important to cling to the things that do. Failing the pleasure of having a real life kitty companion, there are a world of memes out there that allow us to replicate the experience without some of the downsides. Cats aren’t just entertaining pets, they’re funny on the internet as well. Is there anything they can’t do?