A Collection of Crazy Memes That Have No Chill

The other day I was watching a movie about cave paintings, and the narrator kept referring to the ancient murals as “art.” It got me thinking—did Stone Age humans draw pictures on the walls of caves out of some inherent desire to artistically express themselves, or were they really just making prehistoric memes? Think about it. Memes are essentially a visual language used to communicate an idea to lots of strangers, the point being mass consumption of the message rather than credit to the author. Art, on the other hand, is all about identifying the author. I like to imagine that early humans were more concerned with communicating ideas and jokes to the next person to walk through the cave than simply declaring “I was here.” But you know what, who says it can’t be both? 

Anyway, keep scrolling because we’ve got a bunch of random memes for modern day cave dwellers.