A Collection of Cringe That May Cause Secondhand Embarrassment

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. By the same token, one man’s cool is another man’s cringe. As a socially created thing, embarrassment is a matter of perspective. What might make another person recoil in horror might just be what we consider a normal way to be living life. Having different opinions doesn’t mean that we are above judgment, however. Sometimes, others do things that really do deserve to be cringed at. This could come from the fact that they are doing something morally wrong, or that the reaction we have is completely involuntary. Whatever the reason that we feel cringe, there is something addictive about it that transcends the fact it feels bad to watch. As a result, the internet is littered with examples of wretched viral images that make our skin crawl, but still get shared far and wide. It’s best to only consume in small doses, as with this list.