A Cringeworthy Closet Packed to the Gills With Undeniable Cringe

Being weird, uncomfortable, embarrassing: in this age of engagement bait and attention seeking, these things come as naturally to some people as breathing. While our natural urge might be to recoil at these kinds of behaviors, they’re also a normal part of being human. This is even more true in the times we live in now. For many people under a certain age, the only way to attain any kind of relevance is to develop a significant social media prescence. 

Naturally, this just makes the constant churn of cringe that we get exposed to a worse problem. The internet really makes us do almost anything for attention, no matter the consequence. There are worse things that could happen to someone than ending up in a list like this, but rarely does anybody enjoy seeming like a cautionary tale. At least everyone in these examples can be safe in the knowledge that they are entertaining, too.