A Cringeworthy Collection of Photoshop Failures

Even though the internet has given people the ability to share images of themselves and (apparently) the world around them, it’ has also regrettably given people the opportunity to attempt to alter reality with the handy dandy tool that is Photoshop. Or even worse, budget programs that are meant to alter ones appearance on dating apps or Instagram. We’re looking at you, Facetune. Blatant catfishing and photo manipulation aside, the practice doesn’t just take people for fools; it also reveals just how many people have seriously messed up insecurities. Or, in the case of retail websites and photographers, a seriously stingy practice of cutting the cost of talent. While we feel for people who struggly with crappy body image, we can’t help but laugh at these arguably terrible attempts at suave photo editing. They are cringey. They are shoddy. And we simply have to admit that they are  absolutely hilarious.