A Deep Freeze of 31 Random Memes

Where I am, it’s really cold right now. Not quite Arctic levels of cold, but frosty and your extremities start to hurt cold. As a potential Raynaud’s sufferer, I do not want to take a guess at what color my toes are at the moment. You know what is the perfect distraction when the weather is being unforgiving? Memes, of course. They can’t make our bodies any warmer, but they can metaphorically warm our hearts. Or, y’know, give us something to dispassionately stare at for a couple of minutes before something more pressing captures our attention. Long story short, they can distract us for a moment from whatever ridiculousness is going on elsewhere. It’s a humble task, but they’re more than happy to take it up. However much we can dismiss them, memes will never leave us out in the cold. That’s not something that we should take for granted.