A Deluge of Downright Delightful Memes

“Does this spark joy?” is such a weird interior design philosophy. My little rack that holds literally every piece of clothing I own might not spark joy, but what should I do about it? A crappy clothing rack does not make me happy, but neither does seeing all of my clothes in a pile on my floor. I feel like “does this spark joy” is mainly directed toward the hoarder girlies. If you’re in that group, by all means, please keep throwing away everything that doesn’t spark joy. 

There are so many things that spark joy outside of the walls of my apartment: my close personal friends, movie theaters, ice skating, and the list goes on and on. One of my favorite things at this time of year is leaving a building to feel a rush of cold on my face, which I know doesn’t spark joy for everyone. Joy is a personal mission that we all have to chase, and only you can feel your sparks. If memes spark joy for you as they do for me, you’ll love these random ones.