A Flourish Of Memes To Keep Creative Juices Flowing

Just like they used to sell those pairs of underwear with days of the week stitched onto them, almost every day we have a meme to return to that extols the relative virtues of it. Tuesday again? No problem… gave way to the likes of It’s Wednesday my dudes, and while TGIF is less a meme, we do have the timeless Rebecca Black classic to fill in the blanks here. 

Admittedly, we’ve got quite a few days without this privilege. The actual weekend is shamefully underrepresented here, as are Monday and Thursday, the ugly ducklings of the working week (Wednesday only gets to fly under the radar because of the Vine). All is not lost, though. We’ve still probably got several good to middling years on the internet to figure out what’s what before the infrastructure gets gnawed away by sharks in the ocean, or our brains get absorbed by the endless monotony of Web3. In the meantime, we’ve got this random list of memes to fill the gap.