A Flush of Memes to Clear the Pipes

A meme is something that acts as a refreshment. When our tired eyes are sick of looking at the drudgery of the real world, or our empty inbox on Whatsapp, they’re here to add some novelty to our dumb old lives. Memes are designed to give us a break from anything else that we’re dealing with, and they do that admirably. Perhaps, some might say, too well. It’s easy to get lost when we start browsing the bizarre and mundane ephemera that constitutes the internet. Nonetheless, it makes a change from everything else that we’ve got going on. When humor is lacking pretty much everywhere else, we know that we can turn to memes to have a good-to-mediocre time. They give us a mental reset like no other, even if it gives some collateral damage to our intelligence. Let’s be honest, for most of us this is in bad enough shape anyway.