A Fresh Batch of Memes Having a Good Time Memeing

Ah, the weekend. If you’re lucky, you get to celebrate the bank holiday. It could be beautiful time full of endless possibilities, so long as you don’t have to work. You could catch up with chores, or spend some time with friends and family. You could go on a date, or take up a new hobby. Or, you could waste a few more hours scrolling listlessly through memes. It will come as no surprise what option we think is the best one, and here’s a list to help it become a reality. All manner of memes can be found here, specifically for your viewing pleasure. There are worse ways to be entertained, or indeed spend time in general. It’s not a waste if you get an adequate dose of mediocre humor out of it, or so we like to think. Anyway, enjoy the memes, and maybe go looking for some more after you’re done.