A Fresh Roll of Different Memes

In this world where so many things are disposable, memes come across as a pretty sustainable resource. They can be reused and reposted numerous times without getting worn out, and if the format allows, they can be refashioned into something entirely different for a whole new audience. Viewing them doesn’t even expend that much energy on any level. Sure, many are relegated to the garbage pile of irrelevancy at some point, but others live on in the minds of some for many years to come. 

Long story short, meme consumption is a gamble. While most memes are fully recyclable and new ones are cropping up all the time, there are many we’ll end up forgetting somewhere down the line. In a way this makes them even more reusable, because we might be able to see them again, and look on them with fresh eyes. There’s always an upside, and that’s why we have a few more of them to gaze on here.