A General Supply of Memes in Bulk

While most products come in various sizes, some things are just meant to be consumed in bulk: Netflix shows, Costco’s entire inventory, and Cheese Balls. I have never seen Cheese Balls in a compact container in my life. Every Cheese Ball in the world is in an absurdly large package that I cannot conceptualize being practical for anyone. How long does it take a family to eat one industrial-sized box of Cheese Balls? I can’t imagine they could finish it in less than two months. Maybe that’s by design. Perhaps Cheese Balls were secretly created by the government for Southern families of four to buy in bulk, be unable to finish, throw away, and purchase them all over again. Luckily for us, not everything you get in bulk wastes your money and gets orange dust everywhere. Memes are free to consume, painless to binge, and fun for the whole family.