A Haphazard Splattering of Memes

There is no finesse to the world of memes. More often than not, the artistry is low effort, and most of the jokes are crude. They’re made with momentary distraction in mind, and usually aren’t meant to resonate much further than that. They’re sloppy and dumb, and that’s just how we like ’em.

The fact is, we can’t trust many forms of media not to give us a polished and unrealistic depiction of the way things are in every sense. This can be true of memes as well, but at least it feels like they are talking to us and not down to us. It doesn’t (usually) matter what they’re talking about, just that they are talking to us meme to person. It can make us feel listened to, or at least that we have the power to complain about them. Also, we can enjoy them at face value as well. It doesn’t have to be that deep.