A Joyous Jumble of Delightfully Dumb Memes

If you think you’re bored, you better be grateful you weren’t born before the internet was invented. Back in those dreary pre-meme days, kids had to walk up to twenty miles just to read a joke in the “joke” section in the back of the local paper. And the joke was never even good. Before the internet, people were forced to awkwardly stare at each other on public transportation and sometimes even make friendly conversation. That’s right, it was normal to make small talk with random strangers. Before the internet, the sun never shone, children never smiled, and laughing was a criminal offense. So next time you’re feeling “bored,” maybe you should check your privilege and go look at some memes. If you happen to currently be on the hunt for some memes, we’ve got just the pile of funny pics, dumb content, and absurd tweets to make you forget that boredom is even a thing. You’re welcome.