A Juicy Teat of 35 Memes to Suckle On

We’re all just babies, helpless little babies! We put on our grown up clothes and do our grown up things, but deep down inside we just want to crap ourselves and cry all the time. Most of us don’t have the inclination to take it that far in real life, so it means we need some kind of substitute. Our brains need to be fed that tasty mental colostrum, to stop them from collapsing in on themselves.

That’s where the mighty teat of the internet comes in. Selflessly offering up its ample helping of memes, we can’t help but latch on to take away that desperate, gnawing feeling that we can’t get rid of. Thank you, all things online, for sating the endless hunger temporarily. Thank you for offering to be our mommy. It’s been a long, hard day, so let us chow down and feed. These’ll tide us over til the next time.