A Large Load of Random Memes

Good things come in large packages. If you think otherwise, you’re a fool. When you’re opening presents on Christmas, and you see a big box for you, the first thing you wonder is, “what could someone possibly have gotten me in a box that big? I’m an adult, and I usually never get presents bigger in size than Starbucks gift cards.” The biggest win possible is getting an expensive appliance paid for and gifted to you, no matter how much that might make the younger version of yourself disappointed.

I also prefer for my memes to come in large packages. Sure, I could consume a middling amount of memes daily if I simply scroll through social media, but I don’t do things halfway. I am committed to indulging myself in a mammoth amount of memes to properly lubricate my brain after a hard day of being a human being, and frankly, you should be too.