A Lazy Susan of Tasty Meme Morsels

Diets suck. I should know – I recently embarked on a weight loss journey with the help of a little thing called ‘Weight Watchers.’ Now that every food is ascribed points I’ve almost lost the taste for it. A bit of butter: 6 points. A wee cup of rice: 6 points. Cheese? Don’t even think about it. I can’t bring myself to think of a fried noodle dish. It’s almost too much to bear. As much as I love my zero-point fruit and veggies, they’ve started to lose their sweet and healthy luster. 

It’s become clear that fruit salad doesn’t cut it where variety is concerned. I crave nachos or a stint at a Chinese buffet. But if I can’t get that sweet, sweet hodgepodge of tastiness, at least I can enjoy a little variation in the form of memes. So that’s what I’m bringing you: nerdy memes, relatable memes, intellectual memes and even dinosaur memes. There’s got to be something here for everyone, and they’re definitely zero points.