A Live Wire of 30+ Different Memes

We all turn to different outlets when everything feels boring. Some of us binge eat, or we get drunk or high to forget our boredom. Some try to release all that frustrated energy by exercising, or engaging in some slightly more NSFW activities. Many of us do a mixture of all these, and on top of that, we look at memes

Yes, it’s undeniable that we turn to the internet when we start to get that skin-crawling feeling of lacking a dopamine hit in the past thirty seconds. That’s exactly what it’s there for, and we know it’s going to get the job done. It might even throw us an unexpected curveball while we’re at it, just to intrigue us even more. It may not be the healthiest of coping mechanisms, but neither are so many of our other ones. We’ve got to devote some of our time to our enjoyment, after all.