A Load More Cringe, Because We Can’t Stop Cringing

These days, it’s fair to say that most of us have dopamine receptors that are well and truly fried. We spend so much of our spare time (and the not so spare) seeking instant gratification that it can get to a point where it’s hard to ever feel satisfied. It means that an easier way to get the thrill of a high is to do things that make us feel bad.

As terrible activities go, looking at the purest instances of cringe is a pretty textbook example. Seeing other people act in embarrassing ways is painful. It can also remind us of our own humiliating traits, and that is even more painful. However, it gives us a rush that is hard to dispute. Does this make us horrible people, or is it just human nature? Perhaps it’s a mixture of both, which is another thing that is uncomfortable to sit with.