A Meandering Walk Through a Cozy Forest of Soothing Memes and Tweets

As someone who lives in an urban area, with very little easy access to the natural world, it’s therapeutic to imagine myself walking through a pine-scented, shaded forest, or picnicking in a sunny, pastoral field. Sure, sometimes these daydreams involve talking to woodland creatures or baking bread over an open fire. That’s pretty unrealistic for a person who is A) not a Disney princess and B) has no idea how to make fire or bake bread. But that’s what daydreaming is about.

There’s tons of content about these woodsy fantasies or cozy, cottage-core daydreams. We’ve seen countless quips about off-grid witchy living, some which sorta verge on trad. These posts can be therapeutic, an easy escape from the on-the-grid grind and the modern world’s many messes. If this sort of living (or fantasizing) appeals to you, well, curl up, get cozy, and enjoy.