A Meandering Walk Through A Garden Of Memes

One of the most telling things about the impact that memes have had on many of us is that if you asked a hundred different internet-obsessed people to show you the last meme they saved to their phone, you would have a hundred different memes to add to your own collection (so long as, y’know, none of them are complete weirdos). 

To have a meme habit is to be constantly searching for the next piece of funny media that changes the way we think about things, even in the tiniest of ways. While it’s not always something that falls into your lap, all the best memes kind of seem like they do. This is especially true when they come to us via the medium of recommendation, and when the group chat is looking exceedingly dry, a list like this is always a reliable place to turn. No one here knows what’s coming next, and that’s the beauty of it.