A Meme-Filled Gallery of Randomness

Here at our lil ol’ website Memebase we recognize that there is a demand for mostly-basic and very relatable memes. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. With that said, we must admit that after years of scrolling through that simple and easily-consumed content, we tend to appreciate the weirder memes a little more. Memes that might be incredibly surreal, or even completely nonsensical. Memes that make you scratch your head, or even weird you out. And, of course, memes that are ever so slightly offensive. We’re also big fans of nerdy memes. Memes that shout out the prehistoric era, or our favorite sci-fi and fantasy books and movies. But yes, we like the basic stuff, too. This batch boats a little bit of all of the above. It’s a tasty trip through the diverse humor of the internet. So, if this sounds like a collection of memes that would pique your interest, too, scroll on. You won’t regret it.