A Mostly-Wholesome Bunch of Bunny Memes and Hoppy Things

It may not feel like it inside our hearts, but Easter is actually around the corner. Drug stores all over the United States have made the shift from pink, pink, and more pink, to a more inclusive array of pastel colors. That’s right, it’s bunny time, and brands are dedicated to the Easter holiday game. We’ve got foil-covered eggs mixed in with saccharine Peeps, tiny jelly beans and Cadbury eggs. While my mom was most excited to set up the Easter egg dyeing stations, I was in it for one class of candy: gigantic chocolate bunnies. 

While my tastes have matured (if only slightly) since my Easter egg hunting days, I still have an affection for all things bunny. It is the year of the Rabbit after all. So why wait for our weird customs to celebrate cute lagamorphs and cotton-tailed cartoons? If you’re of the same mind, here are some memes for you .