A Motley Mess of Tweets and Memes

Everybody (and everything) has their own limitations. Even we here at Memebase are self-aware and honest enough to admit that it’s basically impossible to consistently serve up the very best memes to grace the many pages of the internet. There are simply not enough witty, intelligent and funny people creating them these days – and not enough people with good taste sharing the good ones that already exist.  If we are being totally sincere about why and when we seek out these tasty morsels of comedy, the best of the best really isn’t necessary. We’re more interested in variety. Too much of a specific kind of meme can get old after a while, so we’re trying to mix it up where meme themes are concerned. That’s why this collection is all over the place. We’ve got nerdy dinosaur memes, relatable SpongeBob memes, and plenty of surreal and unhinged memes that deal with the horrors of the world we live in. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of humor (and mental illness) and we wouldn’t have it any other way.