A Mountain of Marvel Memes For Lovers Of The MCU

Stan Lee was much more than some dude who created comics. For a huge subsection of American society today, he is also the main reason that they still keep going to movie theaters. 

The Marvel franchise is one of the all time biggest players in the world of superhero movies, and it’s pretty hard to find someone who can’t name at least one of their characters (so long as they don’t commit the cardinal sin of getting mixed up with DC). From Spider-Man to the seemingly endless list of Avengers, it has produced some of the most iconic stories of the past sixty years.

As we all know by now, when great films appear, the memes surely follow. With a fanbase and a filmography this big, it’s no surprise that there are no shortage of Marvel memes to go around. You don’t need to be a mutant or a demi-god to enjoy these memes, but it helps if you know about a few of them.