A Mouthful of Memes to Spit and Rinse With

How’s your dental hygiene at the moment? I hope it’s going well, because our teeth are vital. If it’s been a while since your last floss, or even the last time you wiggled a toothbrush around in there, maybe get onto that. Anyway, I’m no dentist. Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder about these things though. It’s amazing what it’s easy to get lax with when we’re distracted by things both more important and absorbing. Like memes, for instance.

With their sheer variety and availability, falling down the rabbit hole of dumb distraction has never been easier. It’s a real problem that we could forget to tend to our other needs because we’re so focused on seeing the next funny meme. So check yourself, and brush those pearly whites if need be. The memes are still going to be here when you get back. There might even be a few more to choose from.