A Pleasant Punch of Largely Nerdy Memes

Goodbye, 2022. As I write this I am nearly paralyzed (at least mentally) by the notion that another year has come and gone. Another shitty year, might I add. Looking back on 2022, I can’t say that I’ve done anything of that much importance. Sure, I killed it at work and managed to keep my cats alive, but I didn’t experience any milestones like getting married or having a kid – both of which the people on my Instagram and Facebook feeds seem to be doing with wild abandon. The truth is, I spent most of my time playing games – both video and board games – and watching my silly little sci-fi and mystery shows. 

My nerdy interests may not have led me to enlightenment or even true happiness, but hey. I had fun. In honor of my dumb interests, and to distract from the impending doom of another year, we’ve got some nerdy memes right here for you.