A Pretty Pile of Memes to Entertain and Distract

Stuff. Things. Seismic world events. No matter how hard we try to stay on task with what we are meant to be doing, life has many devious ways of allowing our attention to wander. It’s something that upsets many of us from time to time, but ultimately it’s something that we can’t prevent. The work/life/time wasting balance is a concept that is hard to perfect, so it’s not worth beating ourselves up about it when we get it wrong. Memes are here to comfort us through these hardships, even if we start to feel guilty about the time that we devote to them. We’ve all got to have a break sometimes, so we may as well do it in one of the easiest ways possible. Take a gander at all these memes and forget about everything else for a little while. Until the next major drama in your life happens, anyway.