A Purely Silly Bunch of Stupid Memes

Good evening, or morning, internet users, abusers and even lamenters. It is not a big secret that life is a largely torturous experience, and that our blip of an existence is completely futile. That said, most of us can’t help but crave the chance to do what we want with that fleeting amount of time. If we are being totally honest, the whole hustling and grinding things isn’t particularly high on that list of chosen activities. So when the workweek is at our backs, or just starting (we hate you, Monday), and that freedom-induced spring in your step feels far as hell, there isn’t much we can do to make it all seem less pointless. Besides take an amusing and soothing trip on the ol’ Meme Express. Something about taking a wee break from the world and looking at memes makes all those problems feel just a tad more manageable.