A Random Act of Semi-Curated Memes

Time is weird. Five minutes doesn’t sound, outwardly, like a lot of time. But it can pass in wildly different ways. Five minutes at the DMV, or waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around, can feel like an eternity. The same goes for waiting in line for a drink at a crowded bar. But five minutes doing something more enjoyable can pass a lot more quickly. A five-minute turn on some sort of amusement ride (they’re usually a lot shorter) can feel like five seconds for people who enjoy them, and five years for someone who might be scared of thrills or heights. 

When spent the proper way, five minutes can feel just right. Petting your cat before heading out for a night on the town is a prime example of five minutes well-spent. We happen to think that looking at memes is another worthy way of spending a small amount of time. Memes may be easy entertainment, but they do a whole lotta good. And we hope these nerdy, silly, and sometimes relatable memes do just that for you.