A Random Pile of Random Memes

It’s nearly impossible to know what the hell was going through the minds of the people who first started creating internet memes. Chances are that it was something incredibly dumb. Still, we’ve got to hand it to them, and thank them, for sharing all that sweet, sweet stupidity with the world, because now we all have a great reason to be staring at our phones all the time, even when no one wants to text us. Not that we really needed more excuses. While memes are generally an enjoyable way of passing the time, and a good source of laughs, they do tend to vary in quality – almost as wildly as they vary in theme. Whether you like your memes to be accessible in their relatability, or more esoteric, chances are you’ll find a meme in this gallery that will float your boat. Or at least bring a smile to your face. And sometimes that’s all we can ask for.