A Raucous Range of Raccoon Memes for Trash Animal Enthusiasts

As a purveyor of diverse Internet content, there are a few animals that have really had success in the realm of memedom. Cats are an obvious one – cat memes just never seem to get old. But we’re more interested in the grittier, self-deprecating memes that feature raccoons, who are also known (affectionately) as trash pandas. If we’re being honest, it should come as no surprise that raccoons have an incredibly devoted (and large)fanbase. The masked bandits are incredibly cute, they’re wily, and there never seems to be any shortage of hilarious trash panda videos circulating the web. It makes sense that they’d have a very big following in the meme community as well. These memes, which range from pleasant and adorable, to dark or nihilistic, are pretty great proof of that. And if you’re as fond of raccoons as we are, they might just make your day a little better.