A Rebellious Spray of Memes on the Wall

Have you ever run into memes being used in real life? Maybe you were in a class and a teacher tried to be down with the kids by putting one on their PowerPoint, or you’ve stumbled upon a setup that looks suspiciously familiar to a famous format. 

I don’t see memes in the wild super often, but last time I went abroad I did see some Amogus graffiti painted opposite a church. Also, I have an unappealing habit of referencing silly internet things in conversation, because I’m secretly Girlz ‘N’ Games

Despite the fact that we spend a lot of time looking at them on a screen, it’s still not so common to see memes pop up elsewhere. It’s all the more reason to treasure the many throwaway moments we get to have with them, even when they’re not real life compatible. We’ve got to entertain ourselves through the pain somehow.