A Refreshing Drink of Memes That Aren’t Just Hair of the Dog

Good morning, rise and shine! At the time you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that there will be a lot of people out there who are still unconscious. Many more of those who are still awake will be feeling worse for wear, that’s for sure. If you’re somebody who doesn’t drink, or didn’t go out last night, I salute you. If you’re one of those carefree eighteen-year-olds who “don’t get hangovers”, for the love of God, just keep quiet. 

Whatever condition you might find yourself in today, these memes are here to refresh you — alongside a hydrating beverage of choice, of course. They might not stop a headache, but they’ll give you something else to think about for a couple of minutes. We need something to keep our mind off of the shakes, and staring blankly at a screen is a good enough solution. Just keep your screen brightness down low.