A Rolodex of Newfangled Random Memes

Do you remember Rolodexes? If you don’t, you’re an ignorant baby who has never experienced anything…goo goo gaga. If you recall the obsolete device, you are a relic from the Paleolithic era who should get a legal pad to draft their last will and testaments pronto. For those of the baby persuasion, a Rolodex is a rotating device that allows you to easily store business cards and quickly flip through them. How quaint! How novel. Gone are the days when address books and Rolodexes contained all your contacts. Now, you’re just one iPhone in the bathtub away from losing literally every piece of contact information you’ve ever had. 

Even though it’s for the fogies, I admire the Rolodex for what it accomplishes in its design. What else can show a list that can be easily scrolled through to get helpful new information? Many things. But one of those things is a random meme compilation! Random memes might not direct you to the contact information of your sister-in-law’s fledgling MLM, but is that really what you’re looking for?