A Scramble of Memes to Scramble Your Brain

Memes are great and all, but they can be pretty darn confusing sometimes. After all these years of building up different strains of humor, it can be quite difficult to figure out every single joke. That, and the way that meme culture has infiltrated just about every subculture imaginable can make it hard to keep up.

Still, they’re entertaining enough to keep us going back to them. Most of the things that we learn about and through memes might be useless knowledge, but at least it shows we’re capable of processing information. Plus, they have the added benefit of amusing us too. We might not always get them, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t add a lot of enrichment to our lives. Just think about all the things that we might have missed out on without them. It doesn’t bear thinking about, so let’s carry on looking at some more, like normal.