A Selection of Memes to Sneak a Look At

Even though memes are mainstream now, there can still be a lot of shame attached to them. Seriously, try telling some people that it’s basically your job to look at memes all day. Even casual enjoyers of internet funny things can experience the feeling, because most of the time, we’re engaging with this content when we’re meant to be doing other things.

Up to a point, we shouldn’t be ashamed that we are procrastinating. Almost everybody does it, and sometimes it can be good for you. Still, it’s hard to put those feelings to bed. It means that we sometimes have to work around them, or just take a chance to ignore them when we can. When we’re able to do that, memes are the perfect distraction. So long as they’re consumed in moderation, they might even be good for us (not that we would know what moderation looks like).