A Simple Showing Of Some Memes

The great deception that memes have pulled off over the decades is that they don’t seem to be asking for much. Their bright colors and silly words flirt with us, promising only a moment of our time to take our mind off the important things, and enjoy a touch of frivolity. Just one, we think to ourselves, we’ll just take a peek at one and then it’s back to whatever we actually should be doing. Of course, it never ends up being this way, and we all have wasted many hours in dingy recesses of the internet because of it. Meme consumption is the ‘just the tip’ of time wasting hobbies, because things always go way further than we promised they would. At least the worst consequence likely to come from scrolling a meme list is that you don’t get something done which you probably didn’t want to do anyway. It’s practically doing you a favor at this point.