A Spritz of Stimulating Memes

We’ve all spent a good proportion of our lives looking at memes at this point, and some would expect that we would have all got bored of it by now. After all, exactly how many topics and different remixes are there to perpetually keep us entertained? From the looks of things, it isn’t that many. We can’t deny that we’ve managed to be perpetually amused by memes for all this time, so it’s not like we’ve run into a problem yet. It can’t be denied, there is just something about these images, both good and bad, that sparks something primal in us that keeps us coming back for more. The likelihood is that these memes will inevitably do more of the same, and keep us hooked on these stupid things that we have so much affection for. They may be a waste of time, but wasting time can be fun.