A Stab in the Dark of Random Memes

Being alive is all about taking risks. As someone who values playing it safe, it brings me no pleasure to report this. However, it’s a basic fact that even something as simple as doing a morning coffee run comes with a set of potential dangers as well as that sweet, caffeinated reward. 

It’s true, none of us would get anywhere if we spent all our time living under a rock, and not trying to create the opportunities that lead to things happening. Like when people make memes, for example. These silly little images are a golden opportunity to reach others that we might not otherwise, and they usually do that on a hunch, not a certainty. Whether they hit or not is completely up to us, and it’s a privilege that we get to decide that. Memes are risky, in the smallest of ways. It’s cool to think of them that way when we’re looking for excitement.