A Succulent Garden of Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

I admire green thumbs. Truly, I do. There’s something about most people who are good with plants that just makes them seem more mature, more put together. Like they could maybe handle raising a family, or changing a tire. Then there are my friends who are good with plants. While their apartments may seem pristine, and their grow lights state of the art, some of them can barely afford or use their brain cells to feed themselves. They exist on Clif bars and ramen, while pouring their hard-earned (and small) paychecks into their home gardens, living rooms and bedrooms. That said, they’re far better than me at keeping green things alive, even a simple aloe plant – like the one our dear mel_admin gave me. It’s not doing so well. In fact, I think she’d be ashamed with me. But what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Hopefully, these plant memes will help absolve me of my sins and relieve me of my guilty conscience. Fingers crossed.